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  • Company registration

    Company registration

    Do STH for sb the company soho

  • The company changes

    The company changes

    Joint-stock company reorganization

  • Company logged off

    Company logged off

    Termination of the company legal person status

  • Bookkeeping agency

    Bookkeeping agency

    Small scale、Average taxpayer

  • Vision:Become customer satisfaction of enterprise management

    Changshu wired together enterprise management co., LTD is a professional enterprises and business services companies,We have rich social resources,Standard operation system,Has been successful for hundreds of companies to handle the industrial and commercial registration、The changes、Year of careful、Capital and other related business,In the industry has a good reputation and credibility。The company is acted on“Good faith,Professional work”The service tenet,Let you with our full cooperation!We are constantly sum up experience in the process of service for the general customers,Constant innovation,Set up more flexible、Convenient、Reliable conduction mechanism and management system。We will continue to pursue more quickly,For the better,More provinces!Keep you close,Rest assured!  The company is mainly do STH for sb/Agency business:Industrial and commercial registered agent(Industrial and commercial business license registration);Agency for industry and commerce registered capital verification、Asset evaluation;To help solve the company's registered、The difficulty、Doubtful points。

    • Company news

      Suzhou to registered company...

      Countries now encourage national entrepreneurship,Many young people into the wave of entrepreneurship,To start the first step must be registered companies!In suzhou,How to register is faster...

    • Industry news

      Changshu company registration:Changshu...

      Changshu company registration:Oneself handle and professional agent of changshu company registration,Changshu bookkeeping agency ever since2014Over the years,The state shall encourage entrepreneurship,Industrial and commercial bureau issued a series of simplified policy,Reduce...

    • The enterprise management

      Bookkeeping agency to go the process...

      Bookkeeping agency to go the process?How to charge for bookkeeping agency refers to the enterprise will be tube account of the company accounting homework all entrusted to the professional company of charge to an account is gone,This enterprise general cashier position only...

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