Company introduction

Beijing guangyuan technology co., LTD

    Beijing guangyuan technology is a dedicated to large buildings、Industrial enterprises、National high and new technology enterprise of science and technology park,Provides the high quality for its owners and managers、Cost-effective, the overall energy management solutions and products。
    Beijing guangyuan technology is the domestic energy conservation service industry and comprehensive energy service industry leader,Can provide customers with the whole life cycle of energy management solutions,And to help owner to improve energy efficiency is as high as30%。
    Guangyuan technology has the first-class software development team、The rigorous design team、The professional team of project implementation。We have rich experience in the energy industry and software industry development, Focus on intelligent analysis and visual design,At the same time the pursuit of innovation and the depth of mining customer needs,Adhering to the“Science and technology innovation、Considerate service、Reflect the value”The business philosophy,For the user to create customized energy management The overall solution,Bring tangible energy-saving value users。

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The solution

Energy consumption monitoring system

GEM-ViewGuangyuan technology energy detection system,In addition to basic electricity、Water、Gas(Steam)、(Cold)Thermal energy consumption measurement such as billing and statement analysis function,Can also provide energy(To the second highest level)On-line detection、Can use diagnostic analysis, and other functions are in providing management with a comprehensive management service can provide with the efficiency and level of management、Reduce operational costs。

Energy control center

GEM-CenterGuangyuan technology energy control center,Based on theGEM-viewEnergy consumption monitoring system,Contains energy detection system used functions,In addition,From two aspects of energy saving control and manage,To cut energy costs,Based on objective data of the decision-making system is established,To provide users with more functions and services。

Energy management cloud platform

GEM-Cloud The government/Comprehensive energy regulatory cloud platform group co., LTD,Through the distributed architecture、Enterprise or group subsidiary data uploaded to the cloud platform,Overall analysis and management、Simplify the group energy report、Statistical process,Meet government or group of units to a subsidiary of regulatory requirements,As the group energy management to provide data support to lean。

Equipment operational cloud platform

GAM-Cloud Equipment operational cloud platform is equipment of the enterprise information management software system,For managing office environment or workshop studio equipment。Equipment operational management registration of all kinds of equipment on a cloud platform、Maintenance and management,And the application of equipment、Maintenance and repair、To safeguard the unity of the to allocate and planning information,Set up efficient equipment management information system software platform.。

Core strengths

Software advantage

100%Independent research and development(Support for custom development)
Architecture of flexible extension(Distributed deployment、Double machine/More, cable machine deployment/Wireless networks、A multi-level services)
The powerful data processing&Storage function(Historical database、Real-time database、A relational database、Scripting language)
Data collection&Access to the strong compatibility(The default code library is rich、Various types of access)

Energy-saving advantages

Based on energy-saving diagnosis of art can use model
Based on analysis of large data online optimization
Fuzzy control art
Load forecasting+Global optimization control system

Power advantage

Real-time data acquisition and processing power(RTDB,Hundred milliseconds and the data processing ability)
All kinds of power of related access ability(103,104,61580……)
The accident feedback、Advanced power functions such as fault wave record
Achieve a variety of control mode、Chain control

Automatic control advantage

Compatible docking common control system(Hollysys、Central control、Siemens、Yokogawa, etc)
Compatible docking different manufacturer directlyplcThe controller
All kinds of automatic control business can realize industrial requirements
Protocol support industryOPCThe server and the client

Products and services-The hardware

Power meter

According to the instrument USES、Function and use of different occasions,Electricity meter has a watt-hour meter、Smart meters、The power quality analyzer、Microcomputer protection device, etc

Data collector

A serial port server communicates with the communication management management machine is mainly applied to all kinds of automatic acquisition system and other forward data acquisition system。

Products and services-Consultation

The energy management system construction and certification

Starting from the whole life cycle of energy,Within the enterprise to establish a standard 的、Effective、A documented management system,Through the energy conservation monitoring、Energy audit、Energy efficiency measures such as the mark,Improve energy management System suitability,Meet the expected targets energy consumption or use。

Carbon for verification

The government and enterprises as the unit,Calculating the and production activities in society The emissions of greenhouse gases and the quantity of convert carbon dioxide into unity Line of statistics。By the credible third party carbon can report to the enterprise The process of review and issue a verification report or statement that carbon for verification

Energy audit

Implementation in accordance with the unified energy conservation plan implementation of energy-saving technical renovation project management,Including the modification list、Technical solutions、The project schedule、After the completion of the transformation of energy saving calculation、Return on investment analysis, etc。

Energy audit

Energy audit is audited in accordance with relevant state laws and regulations in energy saving、Technical standards、Rate of consumption, etc,To the enterprise/Building energy use physical process and financial process of supervision and inspection and comprehensive analysis and evaluation。