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ShangYu house full of hubei ShangYu green integrated co., LTD., is committed to become the world's leading housing system service provider,ShangYu as prefabricated light steel construction industry in China,Company's mainLight steel structure villa customizationCustom container houseAnd other products,Focus on energy conservation and environmental protection、Low carbon、The research and development of product of green building、Design、Popularization and application。ShangYu is set research and development in the industry at present、Design、Production、Assembly、Private custom decoration, etc,Integration of healthy housing system service provider。ShangYu intelligent houses are low carbon assembly type light steel housing solutions for professional service providers,Offer green prefabricated construction overall solution of lead。ShangYu is committed to bring customers health、Green、Fashionable residential living environment,At the same time in order to promote the rapid development of industrialization of China building dedication。


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