Huainan Ed food co., LTD-You are welcome to visit!Join the hotline:0554-3311966;0554-3312966!

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Company profile Lin——Government of huainan city engineering Ed food co., LTD., a strong brand for breakfast,The company is located in the open area of huainan city National Day east road20Number,The construction area5000Square,The factory worker300People have retail shops close in the province500Home,In total production100000Tons,We are close to the province2000Socialist youth and laid-off workers to provide the happiness、Happy business platform。Ed food co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Production、The sale is a body comprehensive enterprise,And won the medal of government20More than。 Keeping Lin in the tradition of Cuba in one thousand old bittern formula,Marinating...
Contact information

Contact information

The name of the company:Huainan Ed food co., LTD

The company address:The National Day of huainan city east road20Number   

Contact phone number:0554-3313567-895