Joy is the Harbin city of heilongjiang province specializing in maternal and child care institutions through scientific、Humanized and professional management,Create high-end housekeeper type service system、For newborns and new mothers with the most intimate care services、To provide customers with more with independent selective、High ratio of nursing service、Maternal and child health trendsetter,The new standard set up Harbin warm mother-baby care industry system、As they open the temporary new chapter of life。

Joy confined center values

Maternal and child first  Health and safety  Gratitude dedication  Common development

Joy confined center vision

As China's most professional growth、One of the most love、The most unforgettable one-stop postpartum care institutions 

Delight in the environment
Joy diet

Establishing health confined feeding For the beauty and health

Delight in Harbin confined feeding center based on the theory of modern nutrition of a balanced diet,Integrate the newest theory of health preserving of TCM,Will be related to the health of all the elements together scientifically,According to the specific mode of delivery and every maternal physical characteristics,Custom fit for mother's diet,As far as possible to help mothers body restore damaged by delivery,Enable women to confined by doing it thoroughly to improve physical fitness,SelectedATraditional Chinese medicine,Custom unique dietary food for my mother

Delight in Harbin confined center customize for mother and baby care programs

Comprehensive services,Someone to love

  • Mother care program
  • Mother care program

1.Having working experience of 3 armour hospital of department of gynaecology、Obstetric experts

2.Professional nurses24Hour patrol、Care、Take care of

3.Professional nurse recording maternal body temperature measurement、Pulse、Breathing、Blood pressure,Weight

4.The daily observation incision、Lochia、Uterine instauration、Lactation、Diet、Sleep, and so on and so forth

5.Breast professional care(Including milk、Breast bilges、The inverted nipple、Flat or broken, etc)

6.Feeding guidance:Breastfeeding、Artificial feeding、Mixed feed、Milk guidance

7.Assist maternal breastfeeding,Auxiliary milk and guide the proper use of pumps

8.Provide professional perineum wound、Abdominal wound therapy

9.Provide professional postpartum shampoo take a sponge bath service

10.Promote recovery form,Guide and assist the maternal abdominal belt use

11.Mother rehabilitation guidance,Including personal hygiene、Channel emotions and maternal health psychological guidance

12.Parenting tips,Provide a wide range of training seminars and leisure companionship,Let the new mother share parenting experiences

13.Early education guidance,Parent-child game,Baby touch,Baby passive exercise, etc,Promote maternal and infant attachment relationship

14.Star housekeeper type service,Professional staff room meal on time、Laundry and room cleaning service

  • Baby care programs
  • Baby care project

1.3 armour hospital decades experience pediatricians

2.Into the centre on the day of health assessment shall be conducted by senior nursing experts to the baby

3.Her professional24Hour patrol、Care、Take care of

4.Senior experts check on a regular basis,Observe the baby without jaundice、Have a fever、Diarrhea、Eczema、Give their symptoms and treatments such as red buttock

5.Professional nurse daily observation、Measure and record the baby's temperature、Weight、Fall off the umbilical cord

6.For the baby's daily massage bath and touch,According to the package do touch swimming training for the baby

7.The baby skin care,Daily for baby bath,And the eye、The ear、The nose clean,Belly button、Hip nursing

8.Take burp after each feeding、To prevent the spill milk

9.Feeding amount and the number of times、Crying、Sleep、Bowel movement observation,Help your baby develop good sleep habits,And for the baby record diary

10.Provide early intelligence development training guidance for baby,Such as passive,Parent-child game,Educational training, etc

11.According to the mother needs to provide24Hours baby custody,During custody provide feeding baby wash protect and touch and other services

12.Washing disinfection and provide baby clothes24Hours with milk、Warm milk、The milk、Bottle disinfection services


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