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Shandong grey stone

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Shandong grey stone With the compressive degree is strong、Refractory、Resistance to cold、Durable resistance

Our advantageShandong lu grey stone manufacturers

Shandong lu grey stone manufacturers
  • Company strength is abundant
  • Mine resource is rich
  • With advanced production equipment
  • Shandong grey stone production and processing enterprises
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ShandongShandong grey stoneThe company covers an area of500m,Can be customized processing all kinds of shandong grey stone,Product has shandong grey board、Shandong grey board fire、Shandong grey litchi noodles、Shandong grey luyandan、Shandong grey board steps、The mushroom stone、Playing the stone、Shandong grey artificial stone、Shandong grey blind board and arc、Different products such as shandong grey sector,Professional processing large quantities of exterior wall hangs Taiwan、Shop floor、Products are exported to South Korea,Japan,Europe and other countries and regions。

Shandong grey stone production line,And with many foreign large-scale stone material supplier,With a variety of domestic and foreign stone material,The products sell well both at home and abroad 。

  • Produced from natural,The quality of a material is pure
  • The ideal environmental protection material
  • Species diversity
  • A wide scope of application
Shandong greyStone

The compact structure of shandong grey stone、Hard、Resistance to acid and alkali、Good weather resistance,Can be in outdoor use for a long time。At the same time also includes the advantages of high bearing products,Grinding compressive capacity and good ductility,It is easy to cut,Shape,Can create a big plate plate, etc,Can be made into a variety of surface effect--Polishing、Inferior smooth、Fine grinding、The fire、Water knife handle and sandblasting, etc。Generally used for large lettering stone house、The ground、The steps、Base、Step、The place such as brim mouth。

Shandong grey stone can be used for wall,The ground,The adornment of the cylinder,And indoor floor covering、Floor dry hanging wall、Profiled stone piece, etc。